About Us

Hybridevents is a product of HoaBinh-Group, created to help people take their events to the next generation- virtual events. Combining the latest technology and ideas from the talented brains of our core staff, we will bring you grand events right in a room. With a strong potential, Hybridevents can meet all customers' needs for virtual event services and help them reach a large amount of target audiences. Coming to Hybridevents, you will have benefits:

  •   Outstanding virtual events
  •   24/7 live support
  •   Simple procedure and reasonable price


Hybridevents has anything you need for a virtual event. We will support you in every category to bring you the most successful events.



Video conferences

Video conference is a form of online meeting. Video conferences allow people to attend their sessions by the internet. They can interact with fellow network attendees in the video conference.


Virtual workshops

Just like regular workshops, virtual workshops also give participants the opportunity to interact and communicate with experts in the field of organization. Virtual workshops can help businesses improve their brand and customer loyalty.



Businesses can organize a webinar for the purposes of employee training, seminars, product launches or sales. While setting up the presentation, the speaker can use a laptop and projector screen so that attendees can easily join.


Virtual trade shows

Virtual trade show is designed for businesses to display and launch products online. A virtual trade show will cost a lot less to organize than a normal trade show, while ensuring that viewers can find new and suitable products for themselves.


Product launches

Virtual product launches completely overcome the physical limitations of a live event. Virtual events for new products allows you to manage and expand the visibility and reach of your new product/service to an international audience.


Entertainment events

With the application of augmented reality, we can help you to organize virtual entertainment events with more features than a live event.

Call To Action

If you are considering to host a virtual events, contact us now for the best consultation and support.

  • Latest technology

    We are committed to updating and bringing the latest technology into your events. We have updated apps and new methods to bring your events to as many guests as possible.

  • Unique ideas

    There is no limitation for our ideas. With the talented brains of our team, we will make your virtual events unique and outstanding.

  • Modern equipment

    With strong potential, we have enough modern equipment to serve any virtual events of any scale, and number of guests.

  • Dedicated staff

    Dedicated and wholehearted staff will be committed to bringing the hosts as well as the invited guests the best experience of virtual events.

  • Reasonable budget

    Balancing all categories, carefully calculating the budget is what we will do for you to optimize your budget.


Why Choose Us?

Hybridevents is choosen by many clients, and there are many successful projects that we have done.

    • We are leading in virtual events

    • We are unique

    • We are dedicated and wholehearted team


So what are you waiting for? Contact us now for details and get started on planning your next event. You may contact us via email, our contact form, or call us anytime!


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